Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I missed yesterday! ): I was exhausted after work, and though I did spend a couple hours drawing, I was too out of it to actually come up with anything. But anyways, I seemed to be back on track today. When I was doodling thumbnails at work (amongst all of my scribbly math and vector diagrams) I decided I kind of wanted to depict people worshipping someone. As I played with it, I started to come up with the idea of a group of people who worship what is basically a corpse. The person would have been alive initially, but in order to achieve some sort of divinity, was killed/sacrificed there (by having wet linen wrapped around his head, causing him to suffocate). Now, they try and mask the fact that he's a rotting corpse with incense (the stands in front of him), sweet smelling plants, etc. Pretty grim, but I like the concept.

What I don't like though is that silly super-foreground drape I stuck in the corner. Baah, bad decisions!

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