Monday, October 15, 2012

last week practice painting....

 I think I got a hang of using photoshop tool more than before. but I need to explore more brush tool and other process and method to make clean edge and lines. also I wanna get better with concept too. haha 


  1. Ooh, I really like the last one! Is that a study of another piece or an original?

    1. its a study.

      I went to Gnomon Workshop with David Su
      and it was sucha great time spending there.
      It was my first time meeting Kekai and he showed us a great demo.
      I liked how he approached his drawing so I tried to learn how close I can do.
      and ya. dats the result. I feel I got better but ya... he's much better... haha

  2. Yeah! I can see the improvements already! all it is, is practice brotha :D

    hey, I was wondering for the master copy, did you paint on top of his?

    1. to answer your question. i didnt paint on top of his.
      I place his painting on side and I copied from scratch.

      it was really hard to get clean details on every sections....
      I know he's using picture to help himself finishing faster, but ya.
      I tried to do without dat and paint only with brush.
      I think its ganna take long time to reach to his level, but ya.... ill try. haha

    2. yeah, I figured you didn't! you got some awesome details from the original! I was like woah!!! Almost as if Kekai touched it himself! haha

      Don't worry! if you want to be at Kekai's level, you just need to practice! and with all the practicing you've been doing, I can see the fast improvements :D You'll be there in no time buddy :D

    3. thanks. that mean alot for me. :]