Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct. 8

Oct. 8
Bald Eagle Study


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    1. I try to draw out the larger shapes first and then I scribble in the small details, hoping that when go into paint, I can add the small details/rendering there! I'm trying to avoid a lot of line through. I can send you my file if you want to see what I did. Nothing impressive though

  2. idk, when i wanna pop something, i keep adding thick lines and i wanna reduce dat a little. unless im drawing something like i just posted. lol
    but ya. im really trying to start like wat Austin or Kekai do. but i guess im a person like them. haha

    1. yeah, you just either have to paint over the line opaquely or have the lines transparent! and if you do line work, just do it with color! I think thats what you are asking. So pretty much instead of using line to tell form or terminators, you just do it with paint instead!