Wednesday, May 2, 2012

some thingies

all of these still need work.  any crits would be loved and adored
good luck with finals peoples <3


  1. Bre, as always, your work is stunning. I'm hella jelly over here...

    For your creature, watch the hind legs. The anatomy on one doesn't match the anatomy of the other. I'm not talking about complex anatomy, just the bone structure could be tweaked. Watch the bone lengths/widths as well.

    With your EXTREMELY CHARMING guy doing a jig, the only things I notice are that a. his right arm looks like the shoulder doesn't connect right, like there's not enough room for the shoulder in there. and b. this is debatable because he's in motion, but maybe his left foot that's touching the ground could look like it's carrying more weight?

    I ain't even gonna touch your environment, it's gorgeous. SORRY IF THIS WAS TOO MUCH, I'm trying to get better at critiquing, even though this isn't really an official crit.

  2. Karsen, I really appreciate the feedback. Don't be sorry at all! In my heart of hearts I knew these things needed more than just clean up. Thanks to your eye I got a launch point for the additional fixes that need to happen. Good call on... everything. Purrr.

  3. i just love how you paint! and the shapes you use! and all!