Saturday, April 28, 2012

Works In Progress

Heres a screenshot of the illustrations I've been working on for the past few weeks. Reworking the environment from Senior Portfolio 1 because it didn't fit well with the universe that the story came to be. I thought I should upload something since I haven't really shown anything since the tonal values, so here are the work in progresses. Going to try and squeeze a couple of character designs for Industry Open House. I hope everyone is well! Remember to try to eat well and rest well. One more week seniors! LETSSS DO THIS!!
-Cheers! (also, JANE! I've been saying cheers since forever! Luc just made it popular)

ALSO! Jane Choi, Charlene Chand, Amanda Vidad and the other Graphic Designers will be presenting their Capstone this coming monday (4/30/12) come in and watch Jane be shy! hahah

Myself, Anna Koan, Karsen Slater and all the other Illustration hybrids will be presenting with the animators! on May 7th! at 4pm. Come early! or you'll miss my presentation! I'm the first one -_-'

As Bob Dylan said it best, "Times they are a'changin"

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