Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the long absent second god of this blog, finally...


  1. I like it, but right now it looks kinda like a kid smearing a really nice mural. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for (I assume it isn't). Maybe it'll look less like that in color, but probably playing more with the value range will also help with that.

    Is the light source in the room also affecting the environment? If so, that's probably why you don't have a lot of contrast in values in the environment; you have two opposing light sources shining on either side and we're not really on the side where you'd see a core shadow or anything like that.

  2. Maybe to help sell the effect of the kid painting the mural. you can have the painting merging with his hand/arm so that it looks like the magic is seeping out of him and onto the wall.

  3. ohhhh, that makes sense, anna. :d about the values.

    david, i like that your idea better communicates the magic of him painting, but i didn't want the child himself to be in some sort of magical dimension; only after the paint is on the wall does any of that other world exist. the room he's in is completely the reality as we know it.

    but yeah, i probably will put more paint on his arm and drips on the wall and off the can to the floor and make the area where his hand is touching the wall messier-looking. will that convey a child-randomly-messily-painting better?

    1. Yeah, make it more messy around him. Right now he's really incredibly clean for a mural painter, haha.