Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Room 13...

Starting to add tones before I throw in color, Luc suggested using a larger brush to get an overall tone before I noodle on the small details. He's totally correct, but I love to noodle! NOODLE NOOLDE
I'll take his suggestion on the next project :P
(Little ichat wanted to be in the picture haha)


  1. It will look awesome in color...I can't wait to see it. I think I've told you, but I really like your light. if that makes sense!
    And ichat has some good ninja timing skills

  2. "Use a laahrger brush!"

    Lookin' good! You may want to push the values a little more, particularly on the guy. He's kinda starting to look the same all over. You can probably do that at the color stage though.

    1. haha, Yeah. I think that was why he wanted me to use the larger brush, so that I would get an overall value. When he's right, he's right haha