Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 9 and 10 Color Studies

Been really tired and brian dead this past week. I'll be uploading more work and some figure drawings on Friday. 

BTW: Throw me some input on the color studies, i'll appreciate it :P

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  1. for the first image, i like the purple/yellow. the red lighting is too much looks unnecessarily menacing when it's obvious from the content that something frightening is happening. if you're keeping that light teal as the robot's light-thingies, i think they pop out better against the purple/yellow rather than the dark green the yellow is doing to that black background. plus, purple has more atmosphere and thus a spacey-er feeling of depth.

    for the second, it's a coin toss between the blue/yellow and the black/green at the bottom. i prefer the color combo of blue/yellow as you laid them out there, but i love how the rim lighting along the figure's head and the tubes look against the dark green. if i imagined rim lighting in the blue/yellow comp, i don't think it'd look as good as the dark green comp.