Sunday, April 14, 2013

Warm Ride - Bee Gees

Here's some stuff I did over the week.

My grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago and I wanted to do a painting and send it to my grandma.
Transfered my drawing, did a burnt sienna acrylic underpainting, starting tinting in some color and the next stage will to finish up the clothing and move to the face. 

Did this small little study of my niece while I was at work today, im enjoying where it's going so I'll finish it up and present it to her for her birthday

Did the "underpainting" phase of my Shield warrior dude, design! 



  1. bottom to top.

    i love that you did a burnt sienna underpainting for your character like you were working an oil piece, though the white space is tripping me out. the varied values in their specific placements are really attractive.

    your niece's expression is so peculiar; i can't wait to see it finished.

    your grandpa looks good! wouldn't you want to begin detailing his face before moving on to the cloth? people tend to lose focus if they start somewhere other than the..focus. point.

    1. I usually work on the face first just because I love painting portraits, but the background does effect the way I see the values, so I work all around so that when I go to the face, it'll be a smoother transition. Sometimes I would work on the face first and the values would change when I paint the background in ;/