Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shield dude

Didn't want to bore you guys/gals with the process so I decided to try and concept something I thought up of, while I was jogging at the gym. I kinda jumped right into it because I already had somewhat of a vision in my head, but I'll definitely do some ideations to explore some ideas :P 


  1. I like his bottle opener.

    On a more serious note though - I really like the detail you've put into his torso armour, especially over the abdomen. It really reflects the anatomy of the guy, so it makes it feel really natural and maneuverable.

    I'm not so sure about the pose, though. It feels kind of stiff. The upper body is actually pretty interesting, but his legs just seem to go rigid.

    1. Oh crap! Totally didn't see this! yeah the pose is kinda standard... I didn't even listen to my own method when it comes to posing haha. It was a quick idea, if it turns out well, i'll pose him super bad ass, just for you bro! <3 haha