Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Is what I'm calling him


  1. LOUUU. Has an awesome fox pelt scarf, and a badass costume! Overall, I think you managed to pull the best out of all of your design iterations and incorporate them pretty effectively.

    Two things I don't like, though. The rendering on the blade doesn't look particularly flat, so it kind of undermines the cruel and jagged edges by making it seem rounded and not-very-sharp. Second of all, his hair kind of looks like a solid mass that would not crack even if I hit it with a sledge hammer! I think it's because the edges, especially on the end of the locks of hair, are too strongly defined and grouped.

    Maaan. I love that fox pelt though. Did you use reference for it? The rendering of his boots is real nifty too!

  2. Thanks for the awesome feedback man! I definitely will go back and fix those problems by the end of the day, cause I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think rock solid hair was part of the initial design idea haha. The wolf studies I did a few days back helped me out on the pelt haha.