Saturday, December 29, 2012


I spent most of the day painting, and I'm getting to be fairly happy with how the environment looks - but I'm unsure of how I want to place the figures though! I've been modifying the sketch periodically to match it up with the changes in the environment, but I may go back and re-evaluate that bit altogether. I'm thinking... more bunnies!


  1. Looking good! I'm really digging the detail in the trees and the bridge in the background. The only thing that's really bugging me at the moment though is that the rocks in the brightest/most saturated area of the piece look very...outlined? Like you have these really hard black lines. If they're meant to be really dark shadows in the cracks and between the rocks, maybe try to add a little more color to that dark? Like a very dark brown instead of the black.

    More bunnies, yes. :D

    1. Ahaha, yeah, I totally agree about the rocks. I'd just about left them alone for the past several days. Honestly, I knew they needed more work, but I've been scared of toying with the tonal variation. I'm definitely going to try and fix them up today, and I'll get rid of the super blackish lines too!